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I had someone build an Ebay store for me a couple of years ago and now that person is gone. I changed the store using Ebay's templets but since Ebay changed the Stores format I have a problem with the color of my lettering and am not able to change it from the backend of my store. I have contacted Ebay about it and they said they would have to check into it and that was weeks and weeks ago. The letter color is so bad you can barely read it and I know it is hurting sales. I use Marketworks to launch auctions to that store and I've just emailed them and they say I have to contact Ebay. So does anyone here have any ideas besides contacting Ebay?

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Hi. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Since you have an eBay Store, you do get a Store Rep to talk to, not just the eBay chat.

We used Marketworks a long time ago, under the old regime & it was not very good as to their Sales Reports etc. I understand however, they are under new management & doing well by their customers. We like Auctiva, for now anyway.

Call your rep everyday if you have to!!!! We have never had any issues with a rep. If the one I talk to doesn't know, they go find someone who does.

I'll check around to see if I can get a better answer than sending you all over the place. Or shoud I say they "pass the buck". Smile Hope this helps. Take care.

Jim, geranium5

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