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I sell gently used, excellent condition clothes, especially large and plus sizes. Tell me you use Auctiva and I will give you a 50 cents discount off the shipping/handling.

Is this the link to your sales?


I wanted to be sure before saving it...it also helps having a link so everyone can check your auctions out for your great deal on shipping!

Alot of buyers don't use their same selling ID as their posting ID. So I just want to make sure.

Alabama? Roll Tide!

Take care, Donna

Take care, Donna
Yes, that is my link. I have learned a great deal about HTML, but, I am not gifted enough yet in it to do that link. Thanks so much for doing it, and, how can I add it to my description of my store above. Alabama??? No! No! I live 5 miles from Auburn University--War Eagle!
Well, now you did it?
I'm swooooning here in Florida.

War Eagle?
Those are fightin words.

Roll Tide!
<shaking my pom poms>

All in good fun.

Thanks for your email, I'm in the middle of running out for a bit and will answer it in depth later.


Suthrnjewl<------zooming back in to say ROLL TIDE

You have email!

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