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Standard stuff... Buyer never paid, never responded. After 8 days, I sent to UPI... And buyer never responded.

So today I was able to close the dispute and get a credit. However, it was obviously not offense #1 for the buyer, since they ended up NARU.

NOW, after all this time, the buyer emails and says that they "need this item" and would I sell it to them and then remove the unpaid item strike?

My instincts tell me that they don't really need the item (otherwise they would have paid). I think what they "need" is to be put back on eBay.

My gut tells me to just ignore them. Any advice?

TIA, Roxi
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Your gut doesn't lie.

I had the same kind of situation a while back. Guy never pays, never responds and then claims I never sent invoice, never replied to messages, etc.

He gets a strike and some months later e-mails me essentially asking me to name my price to clear the matter up (remove the strike). I guess eBay told him he was on thin ice. He never did get NARU'd as far as I could tell but somebody else must've given in to him as it wasn't me..
You did the right nailed them.

If you're tossing it back and forth..think upon it this way..

You saved your fellow eBay sellers from having to deal with a perpetual nonpaying bidder.

When I deal with the situation that's just like yours...I do not EVER clear an item up after I NPB them due to the reason I gave above.

My thoughts? If they'd sincerely wanted to keep their ebay account, they wouldn't have gotten to the point where my third strike against their account would have happened. (or second strike)

Go with your gut feeling and just flat out ignore them. What they did to you, they'll eventually do to another seller.

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BTW...I've noticed a dramatic decline in nonpaying bidders since we no longer accept money orders, but accept Paypal only. We rarely have to deal with nonpayers anymore. We may lose an occasional customer due to accepting Paypal only, but it just isn't worth the hassle, as nonpayers were getting to be much too frequent!

Stick with your instincts on this one, as there are so many paying customers out there, we just don't need the nonpaying ones on eBay!


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