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I've been using Auctiva for a while, and suddenly the counter is having issues. There was a message that the server was being updated the other night, so I was being patient. Now, can't see a thing. WHen I click on the link, it takes me to the page showing EVERYTHING. And that page includes items that are no longer active. Too much to scroll through....I just want to check the particular item. Don't see any answers to this issue yet. What's the word?
We just upgraded all the sellathon servers to be much larger and faster. I believe we completed this Wednesday afternoon our time.

If you are having any problems you should file a support case on our help page and we'll look into it.

Sellathon support also posted this on Friday morning:

We're processing missing items as quickly as possible, but we currently have a list about 2000 items long - and we're having to handle each item individually. Please bear with us, and we'll get through the list as quick as possible.

If you are still seeing expired items in your listings, and visiting the items does not resolve the issue, please manually expire them by clicking the box to the left of the auction ID number(s), selecting "Manually expire items you've checkmarked" from the pull-down menu at the bottom left corner of the list of items, and click the "Go" button just to the right of the pull-down menu. It is not necessary to contact us directly for these expired items.
I have hidden counter selected in my account preferences. I list through Auctiva and have hidden counter selected. They do not show up in any of my listings. I have to go in after they are listed and revise my listings to select eBay hidden counter. Counters are important to me. If not corrected I will have to start listing through Turbolister again. I like listing through Auctiva better, but the counter problem is a real pain. Thanks, Robert
I've just posted the following on the Everything Else Forum;
"Hi AuctivaJeff,
As a UK user Kick it Back has no function for us so when I list I use the hidden counter, expecting to see on my auction a figure for visitor numbers just for my view - but there is nothing. Am I missing something somewhere?
I notice from a few other posters that when people have used No Counter Kick it Back still appears!"

Surely it's not that much of a pain to revise your item in eBay. It only takes a moment and Auctiva is way, way better than TurboLister. Stick with Auctiva RobertH.

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