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When I try to insert a full size photo into the listing, it shows me the oldest photos, not the ones I just uploaded. It gives me the option to open a folder, but when I choose one, it shows me the same old photos and won't open the folder. To find my newest uploads, I would have to wade through hundreds of photos as I list about 15 per new ones per day. Help!
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Hmmmmm... Confused

Just to make sure all is well in image-land....go to your Auctiva Manage Images page and see if the images are there (recent ones) by sorting the images by Upload Date (which is usually default). You can click on that header to sort them for oldest or newest to top. If they are there, what Folder are they in?


OUCH! I just tried to simulate what you are seeing in the lister and IT'S BROKE! It won't allow Folder selection or Search to locate an image....BUMMER! Frown

AUCTIVA Techs, the insert image (Insert Auctiva Image Button) pop-up page is fubar!

FUBAR = Fouled Up By Auctiva Rollout Razz
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Hi Mike,

I don't think so! Confused

Still fails to allow folder selection or search from my test at this post time. It's like the page is frozen on All Folders. I can page through the list and/or select an image (when it's found), but that sure takes a long time to do when you've got alot of images.

The page looks similar (or is exact same) to the one for custom Gallery-Header selection; and as I suspected and just tested, it's broke too.


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