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Hi! I've done the same thing (duplicate listings). It's an easy fix.

Sign into your ebay account, and find the listing you want to delete. Click on the drop-down menu to the right of the item and select "end item." The next screen, if I remember correctly, asks you to select from a list of reasons for ending the listing. Some of the options are duplicate listing, listing has errors, or item is no longer available. I never checked to see what ebay does as far as listing fees go.
I've done it's what I've done.
(if eBay denies the refund request)

Revise the auction to another one you have waiting to put up.

Go to the duplicate (and hope you don't have bids)click revise. You can then put a new title in and new description and new pics.

At least get your moneys worth since you've been charged for the auction being uploaded.

Good Luck, Donna

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