Someone from a board I frequent told me that she always has trouble looking at auctions with Auctiva photos in them. They take a minute or more to load and she is on high speed. She said that this was discussed in an art board she belongs to as well. Apparently many people do not look at auctions they know to be created in Auctiva because of the perceived slowness of the image loading.

This was news to me. Has anybody else heard this?
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We are on regular dial up (actually a little slower than regular, as we are usually around 42 Kbps) and I do not consider Auctiva's images to be slow loading. This was one of my considerations before choosing to list with Auctiva. I figure if they are not too slow to me then they shouldn't be slow for most others. I do notice when looking at some auctions, their whole page tends to load very slow. I think some of this may be caused by all of the extra stuff they have in their template, not sure? And these are not all listed with Auctiva.

Thanks. This discussion came up after they tried to view pictures in my auction yesterday. Three different people said it took a minute or so for the pics to appear. My pics are all under 70k, most under 50k.

Humm, I've had them take a few seconds before like maybe 30 but never longer. they seem to be loading faster then ever on my end. I'd suggest filing a support ticket.

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