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Hello everybody. I've put this problem privately to the Auctiva staff. They hadn't been able to troube-shoot for me & suggested I put it to my computer technician who said it might be real costly to solve because it might take him a while to diagnose the cause of the problem.

First the preliminaries: I run Windows XP Pro. Firefox is my default browser. I HAVE repeatedly cleard my cache temp files & cookies, but the problem persists, & I would be guessing quite a few of you could be facing this problem as well. For those who managed to solve it, your knowledge & wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

The problem arises in your listing-creation stage in the 'Item Details' profile, when you try to select images for the: Gallery, eBay Header, boxes 1,2,3, etc (up to 16), & Freetiva. When you put your mouse within any of these boxes & left-click, you're taken to 1 of your image-folders from where you make your selection. Ordinariy, just by left-cliking on your selected image, that window closes & & you're taken back to the 'Item Details' page where your selected image appears in the chosen box.

HOWEVER, this, in FF, often does NOT happen. Let's take 1 step back to the image-folder from which you select your image. This problem is particularly intractable & worrisome for the Gallery image. You could place your mouse over the image you want & then left-click and....NOTHING! Nothing happens. You can click & click - nothing happens. However, IF you're "lucky", something
may happen & your selected image is appended to the box you've chosen. SO, this works on some images, but not others. What determines why it works with some images & not others? From my "experimentation", I don't think it has anything to do with the files (ALL jpg's) themselves. WHY? Well, I did this little "experiment" & found this out: you could successfully append some image to, say, the Gallery image-box. If you remove it, & then try to select that SAME image again, it wouldn't work!

OK, there's something else. In the images folder, on the lower left hand corner of your screen, as you put your mouse over EACH image in turn, what registers on the lower left-hand corner of your screen is either "blank" or "Done". IF it says "blank", then you can, successfully, append that image to whichever image-box you choose (even the Gallery, which is the most "problematic" of all the image-boxes). IF it says "Done", then 'no can do' - it will not work. HOWEVER, if you had successfully appended any image before & then removed it, IF you try to append that same image again, it will NOT work - it will register a "Done" sign at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. So, it's not the images themselves that is the problem.

There must be somethingelse going on that is doing all this. [Incidentally, NONE of these problems come up with I.E., but how could you go back to using I.E. when you've been using FF??]. Is this a problem with the script(s) or Registry or what?

I dare say I wouldn't be the only one having this problem! Anyone found the solution, yet?

Thanxx again!

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