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I remember people being upset about this when the templates changed, and it looks like it still isn't fixed. Blue borders around our images instead of coordinating ones.

The image landing page says this:


Image Borders
When you utilize Auctiva's Auction Templates in your listings and you include an image in your auction that is over 400x300, Auctiva automatically resizes this image to 400x300 and includes a 'click to supersize' link to the original image as well as a border around the image, both in a color that will match the template theme.

But they don't match the template theme. If they can't match, can you at least edit this incorrect statement? I did like it a lot when there were coordinating borders.
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Oops! Do we have an embarassed smiley?

I was using an auctiva logo that I made into a custom one to get rid of the shipping graphic that was added. Since it was the same as the template used to look, I forgot about it being a custom template.

Sorry for the mixup! You can delete this if you want. I didn't mean to complain about something that wasn't really a problem.

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