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I have no problem in uploading images the normal way. As a matter of fact, I cull the smaller, insignificant photos that I know I won't use before the upload process begins, just in the interest of saving space.

Occasionally, I bring in some HTML from a separate editor which may have some pictures embedded in the HTML. Once I put the HTML into the Text Box and then switch to the Description Editor to see how it looks, the pics are not there that are supposed to be. I know there is a blurb of instruction about how to put the picture in, but I would appreciate a step-by-step instruction that would give me some clarity on the process. Thanks, Texas Skipper
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Hi Texas Skipper,

If the images embedded in the html are hosted on the web, the should show up so for further assistance with this matter, I recommend filing a support case using the appropriate link on our help page:

You can also place images directly into the description using Auctiva's editor. There is a button on the editor tool bar with an icon of a mountain and sun on it that can be used to insert images directly in the description.

Hi, Mike:
Thanks for the reply. That little icon with the mountain is the source of my problem. When I click on it, everything stops - goes blank. I just need to get beyond stopping and going blank. I use IE and Netscape browsers alternately, depending on which one gives me what I want. Would it be associated with the browser? Confused

Just for grins, I tried it on this note. Let's see what happens.

Skip McRae

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