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Hi, I have checked over the last few months of posts and I did not notice this topic discussion.

Problem 1: I notice that everytime I go into "Mange Images", I have to do a series of clicks to get the order of images to show up (Image name, ascending). I have to first click on the "image name to get the descending list to show, wait for the page to load, then click on the image name again to get the list to show ascending order. I would like to know if there is a way to set preferences so that it always shows up the way I want them to show up?

Problem 2: Basically the same problem with #1, but it is when I am starting a new listing and want to choose my photos from the previously uploaded images, with "Select An Image". I again, have to do a series of clicks to get the "Image name, Ascending" order. I would like to have the images always show up from the folder I have set as my default, Image Name & Ascending Order"

Is that possible?

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I thought it's to set the default on your images. I'm sure I've used it to set at least part of mine and how I want them to appear. I know the 100 images isn't to do with the listings necessarily and is how I prefer to view mine, even though it takes longer to load the page.

There is Name Ascending/Descending and Date Created Ascending/Descending. Did you try it out and see what the results are?

After Thought (& probably not related): When listing, if you want to change the order once images are chosen, select the 'list' option from the dropdown.

I must just not be understanding your question. Maybe someone else will be along that can better help.

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