At least once each day I find the Auctiva image servers down. Right now at 11:32 PM EDT is one time. Often it is in late afternoon. What is going on? Is this still because you moved the servers? OR WHAT????????
NO, my cache is not full, I am not using IE browser, thsi happens using Advanced Browser or Firefox.
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My are not. This happens every day at some point. It is not unusual to get a "server can't be found " eror message for this site. I don't have these problems elsewhere on the net, so I am not buying that it is me. I was told here that mal funcytioning spell checker was my cache. Then it cleared up with same cache.
NO, this is not about clearing my cache or anything else in that article. This is about, the images are there, they dissapear, I do nothing on my end, twenty minutes later, they are back.
Come now, if it was my problem, it would remain a problem.
I guess it is just me and your servers are up 100%.

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