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For the last month or two, every time I upload photos, I get a popup warning box that reads:
"This application contains a potentially unsafe combination of both signed and unsigned components. This situation may indicate a security risk unless it was intended by the application vendor."

Then, it warns "allowing potentially unsafe components to run may compromise data on your computer."

I am assuming Auctiva is a trusted source, but this is very annoying to have to click "allow" every single time I upload photos. There isn't even a "don't ask me again" button to click.

Is there anything that could be done to fix this? It really does add a surprising amount of time to setting up my listings to constantly have to be "allowing" the uploading.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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If you update Java, the warning goes away until Java has another update.

Alternatively if you are using another browser you might try Chrome.

There is another thread about this, where you can also disable something in the Java "panel". It is posted somewhere on forum.

If you can't find it, file a support request and ask for someone to direct you to instructions for disabling.

Hope that helps a I recall it is all related to Java and its updates.

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