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I'm not new at this, but prior to this upload I just installed a Java 6.5 update. When I add my images and click 'upload' it goes through the first few screens, and after about 45 seconds goes back to the Upload Selector screen without telling me the upload was successful. Which it hasn't been in 3 tries. I also find it nearly impossible to get the pics to upload into the folder I specify. Normally, they just upload, then I have to move them into the proper folder. Anyone else have this problem? I've found a work-around that works most of the time. I upload a single pic into the new folder, then upload the rest. Have been off ebay for 4 weeks due to family calamities and really need the moola! Need to get my pics uploaded. Hep me, hep me!!!
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Yeah - I've been having a similar issue since last night.
I was uploading - no problem - then I started getting errors (and still am). I am using drag & drop and even tried basic html (cannot use java with explorer). I tried pics from a disc as well as from my computer - all look like they are uploading fina and at the end I get a red box error stating that the file is invalid or something like that.
I contacted support last night and received a reply that all was working on their end and requested which browser I use. I responded and again posted info this am - but still waiting to hear.
I have 6 listings just waiting for pictures...EEKS!
Thanks, eBliss, for your info! I'm in the process of setting up a new cpu, and just saw your message. I had an inspiration to take my system down and bring it back up, and that did the trick! I bet that update to Java (my browser is Firefox, and I heartily recommend it!) was not completely installed until I did so. Resizing your pics is a huge pain, I keep mine no larger than 450 x 600 pixels, and haven't had a problem with that. Again, many thanks! Sue
never had a problem until last two days , but suddenly loading pictures has become a nightmare - sometimes it will load one or none then quit, or then five out of ten , just whatever it feels like- normally do thirty at a time but if you double click on thirty now and it only accpts one you have to click on all the others again !! - anyone else got the same problem?
Haven't tried it since Monday evening, but I'll give it a go and see what happens! I really like most of Auctiva's functionality (especially for the price!) but sure as heck need to be able to handle pictures without a glitch. I don't know if you're like me, but I rarely upload them until I'm ready to write the auctions, so if they don't go, I'm in deep kim chi!
Hi Community,

Thanks for your help in bringing this to our attention. Our technical team is aware that some of our customers are experiencing intermittent technical difficulties resulting in failed image uploads, and we are constantly monitoring the situation to keep our uploading service running as effectively as possible.

Despite our efforts, unfortunately, it is likely that some users will continue to experience problems of this nature. If you are unable to upload images that you would normally be able to upload into Auctiva, all we can really recommend at this point is that you take a short break and try again later. We are probably going to have to install some new hardware in order to alleviate this problem completely, but I'm not sure when we'll be able to get that accomplished yet.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact our customer support team using the appropriate link on our help page:

Sorry, Guys, my ISP tower was hit by lightning and I was off line for a week! If you have huge pics, you might want to consider making them no larger than 600 pixels wide and 450 pixels high, that way any monitor can display them without scroll bars (a total pain, in my estimation) and they upload more quickly, too. I agree, nothing for it but to manually reduce the size of your pics that you've already edited...if there's another way, I sure would like to know about it! I'm planning to upload some pics this afternoon (was unable to do auctions last internet!), so I've got my fingers crossed! Sue

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