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Hello GLT,

By design, if you customize one of the existing Auctiva templates, the images included in a listing using that template will supersize.  You would need to get into the HTML and CSS of the template in the template editor to remove the supersize ability, but unless you are savvy with HTML and CSS it would be very difficult to then use the Image Selector on the lister to get your images to display appropriately with your selected layout in the template when you are ready to post as the templates are designed to have the image enlarge when they are click upon.

However, you could customize one of our existing templates as you wish and select 0 images to be added to the template and then, when creating your listings, use the Insert an Auctiva Hosted Image tool that is available in the Description Editor on the lister to add your images directly to the listings in your description.  The button for this tool is available in the lower of the rows of tools in the editor just beneath the Bold button and to the right of the insert a link tool.

This tool will allow you to place your images directly into your description either at full size, or, once added, you have the ability to alter the display size of the images.  Once they are in your description you can right click on the image to access the image properties and change the size to suit your needs.

Should you run into any difficulty with this, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know where you're encountering trouble and provide an example listing and our support team will be glad to help.

 - Craig

Hello again,

Please note that using the Insert an Auctiva Hosted Image tool does not require the use of the individual URLs for images as you would if you were using externally hosted images, it does allow you to select from images already uploaded into your Auctiva account in a manner very similar to the image selection area.

Please also be aware that as a result of eBay's changes over the last two years our old templates became non-viable for use on eBay, which is why we have released the new suite of templates.  Most of the older templates were created with older versions of HTML and many contained active content which is no longer allowed on eBay.  As such, we have the new templates available which are fully compliant with eBay's current requirements and contemporary browsers.  We suggest that the older templates no longer be used to avoid difficulties.

I understand what it is you are looking for and unfortunately it is not as simple as replacing a current image tag from one of the new templates with a tag such as you have mentioned here; the custom template editor was also changed to accommodate the current templates.   As the new templates were designed to have the images supersize, you would need to modify the CSS on a per image basis in the Source from within the template editor to prevent the ability to enlarge the image.  You should be able to customize one of the new templates and in the code for each image remove the tag:

<label class="card-gallery-img aspect-ratio aspect-ratio-4by3 cpointer dblock" for="lightbox-1">

which will prevent the images thus modified from supersizing when clicked.

 - Craig


Are you  saying remove the part I have bolded below for each image and that removes the click to enlarge?


<div class="card cpointer has-mb-16 md-mb-20"><label class="card-gallery-img aspect-ratio aspect-ratio-4by3 cpointer dblock" for="lightbox-0"><img alt="[ALTERNATE_IMAGE_TEXT_1]" class="card-img img-responsive" src="[IMAGE_SMALL1_URL]" /> </label></div>

Ok...I'm going to say it's working again, now. I've noticed the images are the same size on the auction page as they were on the click to enlarge thumbnail? I expected them to be bigger than the click to enlarge thumbnail. Is there a way to make that happen and in a straight line instead of grid? Thank you for the help!


Hello GLT -

You should be able to select a layout for your images when you select the template you wish to customize.  These layout options allow you to configure the image locations for your listings, please try the different layouts to locate one that suits your needs.  When customizing a template you would need to save different templates to hold different layouts; also note that when using a custom template you do need to select the exact number of images you wish to use in your listing, otherwise the additional slots for images do display in the template, unlike a non-customized template.  Our engineers are aware of this issue with the custom templates and are seeking a solution.

If you wish to have your images in your template at a size other than the template sized images, I again will suggest that you try using the Insert an Auctiva Hosted Image tool from the description editor of the site.  This will allow you to place your images directly in your description at full size, but once they are in the description within the editor you can right click on the image and change the image properties (this includes size).  If you are using Firefox for your browser, you can also click directly on the images to get drag handles to change the size.

Should you encounter further difficulty, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the specifics of the issue and the custom template you are working on so we can look into it further.

 - Craig



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