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I watched the tutorial. Looks simple! Not! I uploaded my images, managed them into folders, but when I try lo add them to my listing, I can't. I click on the select image and where they are suppose to come up, instead I get something that says enter your external image URL and they will show up if the URL is valid. Well I tried that and they don't show up! Any suggestions or anyone know why?
Jennifer S
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Hi Jennifer,

The advice presented by ninth_wave above should guid you through this problem. Also, since your intention is to use Auctiva hosted images, I recommend checking your account settting to make sure your account is confidured to use Auctiva hosted images by default.

In order to accomplish this, you'll just need to click the "Account Settings" link under the "My Account" tab within your account. Then, scroll down to the "Image Management" section and make sure "Auctiva" is selected from the "Default Image Hosting" pull-down menu. If it's not, select it, and then click the "Update Account Preferences" button below.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the approrpiate link on our help page:


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