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Hi, I am new to Auctiva! Looking forward to meeting you all. And to getting my listings done faster.
Selected it because I have lots and lots of mini stuff to list and I want to speed things along.
I added and revised my categories on ebay the day after I started Auctiva. Auctiva imported all of my categories, but not the new ones I created or edited the following day.
When I looked at Auctiva about categories it just says I can edit them in ebay, which I did. However, they are not imported to Auctiva, and can't figure out how to get them here.
How can I get Auctiva to import the new categories as they show on ebay now?
One other thing. I had used Picture Manager on Ebay SYI and now want to get rid of it! The REAL Number one real reason I switched to Auctiva, I have so many pics to go with so many listings.
When I try to delete them on ebay Pic. Manager it says they will no longer show......but since they are hosted on Auctiva now, won't they still show?
TIA.....seem to be full of questions. I am only a month or so into ebay. Bought my first item on Nov. 27 and started ebay store at about the same time. BIG learning curve. Confused
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Hi N.
When you change your categories, you need to import them again. Go to My Account, eBay Settings, then Update Store Categories. You're all set.

Your Auctiva hosted pics will show as long as you started the listing with it. Your existing listings will need to be changed from the Pic Mgr hosted images to the Auctiva images.

To do this, go to the Auctiva saved listing, get it all fixed how you want, preview and save it.
Go to saved listings and grab your html.
Revise on eBay, selecting the html tab.
Select all (ctrl+a) and paste (ctrl+v).
Preview and save.
Then go get rid of your Pic Mgr.

Welcome to Auctiva! Smile
Hi, Thanks. I tried the first answer, will wait and see if I did it right!

About the pics....
OK.....All of the previous ebay listings imported. So when I cancel Pic Manager those imported to Auctive should be ok right? Isn't that what your saying? As long as they are hosted on Auctiva now they are safe.
The rest of your instruction...will accoplish the same if they aren't hosted on Auctiva yet?
I don't know what you mean by selecting the html tab. But I am going to go through the procedure you describe and by then I will know what you mean. I may have done this on some already, but didn't know what I was doing! Roll Eyes
Hi N.
Silly question... you uploaded your pictures to Auctiva that match the imported listings, yes? I'd think you'll need to go into those listings and change the image URL if it's imbedded into the body of your description. Hope that makes sense.

You can check your categories easily by creating or editing any listing. Just see if they show correctly while you're in there.

The html tab is in the description part of eBay's revise. There's the standard and html. You'll want to be looking at all the code in that box. Did you find how to grab it from Auctiva?

You'll have it all down in no time. Smile

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