Hello we currently use the ebay selling manager pro but once again ebay is broken and the auto relist function does not work. as we have a large number of products we could not even imagine to manually build new templates for auctiva. is there a way of importing current listings or such and then using them as templates for new auctive listings?
Thanks in advance
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Originally posted by shedman:
Hello, sadly it just gives me an error message

No ended listings found.

When I then click on IMPORT LISTINGS
it brings up a popup with error

You must select at least one listing.

Help would be appreciated

I dont use ebay.AU and I get the same thing. I have 11 active listings on ebay and many many closed listings and inventory. I do not have the time to go back and manually put that info here.

When I first signed up it stated that it was importing all of my active listings and closed listings and nothing shows up. I did what the person did above and it says "No listings Found" I could use some help with this too.

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