i'm new to auctiva...so bear with me Smile

when i joined, all the auctions that were active in my ebay were imported into auctiva, so they all have the showcase. However, none of the listings i've created on ebay since then have showcase in them, so how do i import these auctions into auctiva? or should showcase show up on them automatically, and it's just not? thanks for your help, in advance Smile
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my auctions have been on there for 2 days and they don't have the showcase on them....that's a little more than 6 hours...
Hi. Newbie here as well. Have the bugs in this been worked out yet? I am currently using another companies scrolling gallery and I would like to cancel it but I want to make sure that this has been fixed first.

Right now I am not using Auctiva to actually list my auctions because I use custom templates that are not usable here yet but I would like to have the storefront window feature added to my auctions. Will this be done automatically from now on, even if the listings were not created and launched through Auctiva?

Hi again Tom. Yes, I figured out how to customize the store window and I got that the way I want it to look. I did choose the scrolling style, I like that one the best. When I registered the storefront window was added to all my listings that were imported at that time.

I just want to make sure that the Auctiva store window will be added to any subsequent listings that are launched through my other auction management company. Once I know that for sure then I can cancel my account with yet a third company that I have been using for the scrolling gallery only.


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