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Since it was much easier for me, I re-listed a bunch of closed auctions directly through eBay's "re-list" tool and not Auctiva. Although, the listings were originally created through Auctiva.

Does Auctiva automatically import those listings to the site or is there something that I have to do first? I haven't seen my listings show up in Auctiva or my Store Window, as of yet. I believe Auctiva does pull the auctions from eBay, but just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance!

CJACKC COLLECTIBLES eBay userid: cjackc
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Originally posted by kbalona:
Hmm, the store window automatically refreshes every 4 hours or so. I can't remember that I've ever checked my relisted-through-ebay items to see if they show up in the store window.

Hey kbalona...

Not sure if you saw the above thread with Mike's response, but the answer is yes they do.

Thanks for the input...Jack

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