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Originally posted by sandra0357:
Can the seller details be imported to the master profile? Or do you need to use the drop down list when listing a new item? Can Seller Details be a part of a Master Profile? Thanks for any help you can give me! Sandra

Hello Sandra,

Yes there is a way.

First, be sure you have created your Policy Profile. (Profiles > Manage Seller Details > Create or Edit. Then save.

Second, click on Profiles > Manage Profiles > Details Profile. Now at the bottom you should see the saved policy you just created in step one. Now, drop down menu and choose Edit.

Now you should be at the Item Details Profile. Here I would recommend really taking some time and create a powerful master detail profile. Choose everything here you want to be autofilled. You can even put in all your extra goodies in the description window. (ex. Business logo pic, contact us, visit eBay store etc...)

Okay, now in this window, (Item Details Profile), scroll down and chose a template that you want to use for most of your listings. Then use the dropdown menu and choose your policy profile, click the 'Use template-matching scrolling gallery', (easy to forget) and save your profile at the bottom.

Now when you go to the Listings Tab and chose your master profile, everything you just did will automatically be set.

Hope that helps Sandra! Happy selling!

Best regards,

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