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I really am getting to the point of screaming ! this new description editor is making me ill.

I have just spent the better half of 1 hour trying to make 2 auctions. It keeps adding spaces between words, and it will not grab the test size and color that is coded in my custom templates. I tried the suggestion of adding P for paragraph, but that did not work.

I just can not use this, is there any chance that I can use the old editor again, PLEASE !I know others are asking the same thing. Can't you give us the option ??? that worked like a dream for me. I don't want to download turbo lister, but if this isn't fixed soon I guess I will have no choice.

Just to give you guys at tech some idea of what is happening to my description when I type into the editor I copied it for you below:

<p><font face="Times New Roman" size="4">Offered for auction is this small lot of 4 genuine Victorian Jet  Beaded Appliques. They are filled with genuine antique black jet beads.  I have been told that they are Jet and most likely French.  3 of the appliques measure 6 1/2" long x 2" wide (at widest part) with long swinging tassels.  The other applique measures 4 " long x 2" wide (at the widest part) It has been made with round jet beads, sewn onto some black lace and is shaped like a bow.</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman" size="4">They have all been hand sewn onto a black silk backing. I was lucky enough to purchase a large box lot of Victorian linens at a recent Estate. The box was also full of various antique beads trims and appliques.</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman" size="4">2 of the appliques are joined together with brown thread, but could easily be separated. They are not in perfect condition. I can see that some of the tassels are missing.  They could be easily repaired or altered to use in dress making, or creating jewelry. I have not washed or pressed them, left as found from the estate. Please check my other auctions for more of these antique trims and appliques</font>.</p>


Why does it keep adding code ? what are these   ???

Please can I have the old editor back.
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The description I copied in for you in my last post is NOT showing how it really looks in my listing, for some reason on here (the forum )the wording looks like it should look in my auction. ??

My description has all these letters in between the words ( & n b s pWink They are everywhere inside my description html. But they only appear when I use the editor to create a auction. They are not inside my custom template. I have had to seperate the letters out on here for you, because when I type them together they don't show up on this post.

So, the description I copied for you in my last post, is not giving you the true image of how it really looks.

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