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We’ve made some improvements to our notification system in order to create a better, streamlined experience. You’re probably used to seeing the big text box at the top of Auctiva pages when you successfully complete an action, like listing a product, or when there was an error with an action.

Our new notification system now shows these notifications in the top right corner of your monitor, which allow you to easily view the notification while continuing your work. Here are some highlights of the new notifications system:

  • Successful notifications will automatically close after 5 seconds
  • Warning and error notifications will stay visible until manually closed
  • Hovering over a notification will keep it open
  • Notifications stay with you, no matter where you are on the page. No more scrolling to the top to check your notifications!


We hope these improvements make your Auctiva experience even better. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team, they’ll be glad to help.

Happy selling!

Director of Marketing, Auctiva

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