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Hi, I don't have much experience dealing with html, but have managed to customise an existing template to a point that i am happy with. My only problem now is I'm trying to figure out the best way to insert a logo at the top of the custom table, just above where the aution title comes up.

I have experimented a bit, just inserting it with <img src= code, and found that unless the image is 1280px wide, i get part of the border inside the table itself. Also I notice that there is like a little horizontal line visible where the 2 images meet.

It looks fairly decent to me with the 1280 logo, but my main concern is that people whose monitors are set at a higher or lower resolution to mine may get problems when viewing the page.

Sorry for rambling, basically what is the correct way to integrate my logo?

thanks in advance for any help.
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Hi Caesar.
I've not had any luck with a custom template, figuring out how to do the pics the "easy" way. So I gave up on that and use one of Auctiva's templates that works for me.

I had to put my logo at the top of the description, just below the title. I like the columned pics and have logo on the left just above where text starts.

I'm not at all suggesting you ditch your custom template. I'm only babbling while getting around to telling you that someone will likely come by that can help you accomplish what you're trying to do. 1280 seems awfully wide, but maybe that's just my thinking. Smile

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