This has been happening for over six months. The insertion fees do not show up in the payout reports. I have to pass that cost to my consignors. To get around it I have to cut and paste the ebay item number from the payout report into my ebay account screen to get the fees. Can this be fixed soon? You fixed the Final Value Fees not populating, but there still is a problem with the Insertion Fees.
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Hi donnapie,

It is expected that the "Listing Fee" field on the consignment payout reports will fail occasionally, we do have a service running to update that information and it should work pretty reliably in the grand scheme of things. If you are having consistent problems with that field not updating automatically, we would be interested in looking into that further.

I looked through your support case history and, while I did see a number of cases about the "Final Value Fee" field not updating automatically, I did not see any about the "Listing Fee" field not updating automatically. If you contact our customer support team about this and provide some examples of items for which this field is not updating, we'll see what we can find out with respect to that issue.

You can reach our customer support team at any time by completing the form on the following page of our site:


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