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I love Auctiva hosting and software many user friendly tools. However reading the insurance coverage it seems they don't cover much other than shipping cotton balls. Using thier listing services and not offering thier insurance seems like I'm stealing or something. My sells are almost exclusively Rare coins and bullion and they don't cover either. Do any of you have this same problem and how do you cover it insurance wise?
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I too sell coins and this is how I handle the matter.

I almost never insure my items unless the value is over 1,000.00.
I charge a flat shipping rate which includes 1.50 over the shipping costs. I put the 1.50 in a slush fund to cover any lost packages. Keep in mind in 11 years of selling online I have only had one lost package. Over the years I have shipped out about 11,000 packages. Do the math! Wink

If I should ship out pricy item "over 1,000.00 dollars in value" I do add a bit of postal insurance but not full coverage. I always use "signature receipt" on all shipments valued over 250.00.

I quickly found out the P.O.’s insurance is close to worthless. It covers damaged packages “product” ONLY. Should your package get delivered to the wrong address your insurance is useless.
With this in mind I said "Screw this" and started my own slush fund insurance policy and it has been working great for over 9 years now.

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