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Hi - Yet more questions about the shipping insurance Auctiva offers:

1) From what I remember of looking over the claim form (unfortunately I'm forgetting how to download it again right at the moment), it seems to pretty much only be concerned with damages - will it also cover if the item just plain doesn't show up at it's destination? If so, how long past the shipping date is it considered "lost"?

2) Will the insurance cover items that are technically shipped by somebody else, such as something shipped directly from a supplier or drop shipper?

3) How does the system determine what the value of the item is? Is it based only on how much the purchase price was?
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1) Yes, it will cover lost items I ship USPS, so I can only say for that...Domestic lost shipments you have to wait 21 days and Canadien is 35 days
2) Yes, the Buyer has to sign and date a letter past the above mentioned times stating the item was lost, and the rest is filled out by the "purchaser" of the insurance, who is you.
3) The coverage is based on the total (shipping+handling) but does not include the cost of the insurance.

I was just on the phone with U-Pic yesterday, so I'm pretty confident about the above stated stuff.

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