I sold a "collectible" coin, a graded silver eagle from the 25th anniv. set, but it was listed in bullion>silver eagle category. I tried to insure it, but it I am not able because of the listing category. Am I out of luck, or is there any way to insure it?
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That category shouldn't be blocked, as this item is a collectible and eligible for coverage. Were you trying to buy it while generating a shipping label, or were you just buying the coverage from your Sales page? Knowing that will help us pinpoint any issues we might be having with the insurance flow. Thank you!

I was trying to buy it from my Sales page.

Here's a second issue. I listed another coin, exactly like the first one mentioned, but I changed the category thinking that would allow it to be insured. It did not work. Again, I tried to insure it from my Sales page and received the same "error" message, items from the silver eagle category cannot be insured. I changed the category specifically for this reason. If I would have know this was going to be an issue, I would have used USPS insurance. Once again, I'm out of luck.

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