Hello, I just stumbled on Auctivia and do like it, but..., I'm located in Belgium, Split my time between Belgium, France and the UK and sell in Europe, so there's one snag. All my listings are in Euro's, another snag.
Listings imported in Auctivia don't show up as having bids, another...
Is it possible to use the "more pictures" thinghy on international sites?
Is it possible to make an auction with the Activia software and then copy the complete code into the Ebay thinghy? But without the shipping stuff (US and other countries) and pricing ($ has to be €).
Or is it possible to do that from the Auctivia software? With the correct group codes and stuff?
If all this is not possible, could you give a timeframe for "going European"? (UK I've seen on the board somewhere but haven't seen the rest of Europe yet).
Loads of questions, I know, but maybe someone can answer parts of it....
A big Thank You up front Wink
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Well, if you ever decide to get something going in Dutch (Ebay Holland and Ebay Belgium) just give me a shout and tell me what to translate... I've been to school and worked in the UK and Belgium (all people learn and speak a minimum of about 4 languages here (Dutch, English, French and German)so I do now my way around a bit of languages.

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