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What's the best way to sell internationally?
I'm not just talking about having "Ships to: Worldwide" in the listing, but having a more internationally centric listing?
I'm in Australia, and I'm auctioning things that have a greater market in the US/Canada, and to a lesser extent the UK.
Do I list the item on the US site and specify shipping costs only in the auction desciption?
ie. If I state Domestic shipping, I can't specify that this means in Australia. Domestic shipping in this case relates only to the eBay site where the auction is listed.
If I list it in Austrlia, I don't seem to have an option for International site visibilty!
I don't want buyers in the US to have to do an Advanced Search and specify the location of the item.
So what is the best way to do this?
I'm after any and all opinions and suggestions regarding this.
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I live in Thailand and sell to the UK and USA.
I list my auctions in both countries seperately as Ebay has removed international visibilty.
At the moment they have a special deal going at where for 2 pence your uk listing will be visible in the States but think that is finishing in early December and you cannot access it through Auctiva so if you use them you will need to edit each listing through ebay and tick that box.
Hope that was helpful

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