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Just a note to all who are new here or having problems with Auctiva auction launching or other scripts not showing. This is because your bill gates internet explorer browsere does not work on a lot of new sites on the internet, including auctiva. You need to down load a newer browser that will work. The most recommended on the net is I did a couple days ago and everything is working fine now. All scpipts load and all page loads are nearly twice as fast with DSl service. I highly recommend this browser and the download is quick and easy to start using.
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FireFox does not work with auctiva's editor for me for some reason. I still use firefox on other sites though..IE6 and IE7 have worked well for me here on auctiva with no problems. There are alot of factors that will make one work well for one person and not another. I just have all of them, just

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of IE7 beta2, you can download it here:

I "DO NOT" recommend using IE7beta in a working environment. Although, I had absolutely no trouble with it whatsoever. It has alot of new features in it. If you do download it, you will also want to get the MS security updates for it or you will be at risk.

" I should also mention that you will not be able to use IE7 unless you have at least Windows XP Home with service pack 2 or later versions of windows on your computer already."
IE 6 w/ XP SP2 has been working just fine for me with auctiva. not any problems yet *knock on wood*

and since auctiva is on a windows server, would think that ie would be the one that would work best. surprised to hear that some have probs using IE with auctiva.

i just wish all browsers would work the same (as far as html, xml, javascript, etc). that way there wouldnt be any of this 'have to use xxxxx browser for this site, use another browser for another site, etc'

course, the plus is that it means that us geeks end up having ie, opera, mozilla, etc all installed. Smile
I have always been a big fan of loading up an AOL disk on all my machines. You dont have to use it or set it up..but just installing aol will add some fixes and connection tweaks and many many other things..that usually will make your machine and browser run a little better.

I dont know if you have ever just popped an aol disk in your player and cancelled the install and then just explored the disk or not. But if you havent, you will be amazed what is on one of those aol disk you get in the mail. The only drawback to installing it, is you have to turn off the auto start features for aol and the aol messenger.

I have the new Windows Vista build but I havent put it on my machine yet. Im not sure Im even going to bother with it until the actual release of it next year.
IE is bad for many reasons I don't care to list here. I have been working in the PC support field for over 10 years and IE = Headache for everyone. FireFox is the best browser to use and to use the IE Tab Gooner spoke about you will have to download the IE Tab extension from

Once installed you can set certain pages/domains to always open with an IE Tab ( and then you don't have to worry about it any more.
Firefox WAS working great with Auctiva until a few weeks ago.

Now when I go to upload pictures in Auctiva with Firefox I get a message saying something like, "scripts are running slow on firefox, click ok to fix this problem" And clicking okay does nothing.

I used to be able to batch upload photos, but now I can only upload one photo at a time.

Any hints or suggestions?

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