This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I want to make sure before I hit auto list.

If I make an auto relist profile and check "at least [ ] items are available in inventory" will auctiva auto relist each time an auction is over until i run out of stock (if i put 0 in box)
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Inventory Auto Relist

I have never understood the auto-relist well enough to trust it and I have read too many posts like yours! I'm sure that many people do use it successfully but just don't come here to talk about it.

Your case sounds like a perfect use for good till canceled through Ebay. You have 10 of your item; you list in GTC format with a quantity of 10; and the listing keeps relisting every 30 days until the 10 are sold. No inventory tracking on your part and the quantity is always correct.

Just my thoughts--good luck!


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