This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I want to make sure before I hit auto list.

If I make an auto relist profile and check "at least [ ] items are available in inventory" will auctiva auto relist each time an auction is over until i run out of stock (if i put 0 in box)
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Yes. Your listing will automatically relist each time the auction is over until the inventory quantity associated with the listing reaches the level you stipulate.
What if your auto relist level is set to 2 and then you auto relist it again to sell your last 2 inventory items, Does it automaticaly end once your down to 0 ?
Inventory Auto Relist

I have never understood the auto-relist well enough to trust it and I have read too many posts like yours! I'm sure that many people do use it successfully but just don't come here to talk about it.

Your case sounds like a perfect use for good till canceled through Ebay. You have 10 of your item; you list in GTC format with a quantity of 10; and the listing keeps relisting every 30 days until the 10 are sold. No inventory tracking on your part and the quantity is always correct.

Just my thoughts--good luck!


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