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I'm new to Auctiva and have run into a problem creating listings. The "Create An eBay Listing" page does not appear to allow for inventory numbers. Our auction titles rarely match our inventory (books). eBay (Auctiva) is only one of several sales venues we use, and a unique identifier would be a welcome alternative to wading into auction descriptions and trying to identify what book sold.

Is there a place to add inventory numbers and I'm just missing it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello blackpawbooks,

Unfortunately, there is no separate inventory number field available on the lister page.

It sounds like you may be referring to either the SKU field available on eBay or the Custom Label field that is available on eBay for users who are also using Selling Manager Pro. At present our lister page does not support either of those fields, but we have feature requests in to Product Management regarding their support; while I have no current information on when such fields may become available on the lister, they are both issues that are being reviewed for potential addition to the lister.

Hello blackpawbooks -

There is now an appropriate field available on our listing creation page, just beneath where the Title is input on a listing you are working on. The SKU field available there will allow you to input your SKU and this information will be available on your Active, Saved, and Closed listings pages in the Title column for the listings. If you use Selling Manager on eBay, and have it set to display the Custom Label field, the information will also be available there in your eBay account.

- Craig

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