Do any of you large volume sellers have a system for printing labels to place on items that are up for auction? If you list a few dozen items in a day the need to have auction numbers physically attached to your products becomes clear. Problems such as not being able to find an item, listing ten of an item that you have only eight of, shipping a similar but incorrect item, can quickly arise if your inventory does not match your auction listings. Has anyone ever found an item sitting on the shelf that was auctioned months ago? What I am think about is using small Avery labels that would contain the auction number, title, and perhaps the ending date. Of course the ability to customize the tags would be ideal. This should be a very easy thing for eBud to be able to do.
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Hi bradstuff -

Yes, I need that to - to help me keep from shipping the right stuff to the wrong place!!! I've asked for this capability to Avery tags in the new version and it's "on the list", but it'll be a while they say.

The only thing I've come up with is to run a report of "open" auctions after you've posted them and eBud has them, and set the font size to something big. Then, print the report, cut up the sheet, and tape the info to the items.

It takes a little time - but it sure helps!!!


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