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A bit disturbing that they haven't given us an announcement on it, considering the major nature of the change.

I just ran the question by Eddie at Live Support. He says the change will take effect at the point that eBay implements the change.

From what I gather, apparently the moment that eBay switches their coding, it will trigger a corresponding change in the Auctiva system.

So I guess the solution for those of us who wanted to prepare a bunch of longer listings today, is to go ahead and prep them on Auctiva as usual, but wait on scheduling them to post, until AFTER the switch takes effect - then do a quick round of clicking through and switching the durations, then schedule/post.
naenae52 -
Maximize the Marketing Tools section to list for the UK visibility:

Bottom of first column for International Site.

As for the 30 day listing - I was logged on while they were testing it the other night and saw the 30 day pull-down actve on the item listing page. I've updated all my fixed priced items and, if all goes well, the Bulk Edit function accessible from the Saved Listings page should work well for changing the listing duration without having to go into each item listing again individually.

Good Luck to Us All!
Hi Community,

We are aware that eBay just added the 30 day duration for fixed price listings today and we will be conducting a site update later this afternoon to add this option to the Auctiva lister page. This update will most likely take place by 6 PM PT today.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page of our site:

lady of leather, do you list on eBay Motors or eBay Motors Parts and Accessories?

That is the problem I am having. If I try to list on eBay United States (regular eBay), the 30 Day and Good til Canceled option is available. I've been back and forth with Auctiva Support all day and I told them that I cannot get the 30 Day option when listing on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories.

First, Auctiva support said it would be fixed within 24 hours, now they said it will not be until the 24th Update.

I just asked them WHY it cannot be fixed on Thursday nights update (the one they do every week), and I'll let you know what they say.

Most of my listings are on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories and it is ALWAYS an issue when things change. Seems like they "forget" about eBay Motors and just concentrate on the regular eBay.
Good Morning from Arizona.

Auctionbytes had a general announcement about troubles with the new Fixed-Price changes.

From <i>Auctionbytes</i>,

"eBay Sellers who wanted to launch listings in the new 30-day Fixed-Price format on Tuesday were diappointed to learn that many listing tools did not yet support the new format - including eBay's own Turbo Lister..."

P.S. Is there a Spellcheck here?

TIA. Big Grin
Regarding my post on the 16th about 30 lists for 'Motors parts and accesories'. Here is Auctiva's answer.
While we have added the new "30 day" and "Good til Canceled" durations for fixed price listings to the standard Auctiva lister page, these durations have not yet been added to the eBay Motors - Parts & Accessories lister page.

We expect to have these new durations added to the eBay Motors - Parts & Accessories lister page on 9/24/08. There is no need to file a support case about this issue at this time.

Sit back and relax, Auctiva is free and wonderful and doing a great job keeping our fees low and you can't bite the hand that feeds. us.

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