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Originally posted by swimordie:
saw it...
last movie I walked out pissed (because I loved book)
This movie walked out happy Smile

Ya know..that's what my second son felt about the last Harry Potter Movie. He kept telling didn't follow the book. Then I asked how long would it have taken to stay "true" to the book in your opinion. He said minimum four hours..I laughed and told behind can't handle a movie theatre seat for four hours.

Both he and his girlfriend felt the same you did the latest.

I can't wait!
Originally posted by wahm922:
I have never seen a Harry Potter movie, maybe cause my kids are still to young!

Someday . . .

Oh Danielle!

I remember the first in the series coming out. I can remember the HUGE stink about the book..I bought it and fell in love with it. My middle son must've read it at least three times straight over and over. He was in the fourth grade then. Hannah was in the first...and I read her a chapter a night. WE LOVED IT!!!!!

You MUST get them for your boys..even if it's just for the older one. Wonderful Timeless Reading!

Take care, Donna

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