I was wondering if anyone is having problems listing right now. I have tried to list two items. The first one went into saved listings and showed a star for the longest time. If you looked under scheduled listings(wasnt scheduled by the way) it said retrying post. Finally, it listed. My second item still hasnt listed and it has been retrying for over 40 minutes. Am I doing something worng here or is this auctiva's problem?
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I just got the same thing on this auction. Then it failed. When I click on the View errorlink it takes me to a page with no errors. It also passed error check.

Tom can you check it. It's in my saved listing

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Hello I just started using Auctiva why wont my listings post when they are supposed to .... I assume when I put in 11:58 PM PST it should list at 8:58 EST RIGHT OR WRONG ?????? I'm getting extremly frustrated right now ...PS I have been on E-Bay since 1998 & over 5500 sales ...So I'm not a expert but sure no novice either ???
I think Dave means that 11:58 PM PST would correspond to 2:58 AM EST.

Everything on our site is in Pacific coast time, which matches where eBay is located.

If you wanted your listing to post at 9pm eastern time, make sure to list it at 6pm on our site.

Down the road we plan on making a time zone setting so that all times will be displayed in exactly the same time as your own location. For now, everyone is stuck having to do the conversions from Pacific coast time.


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