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This has been happening for 2 weeks now. First, almost all of my listings are created using size 16, BOLD, Arial font. I go in to one of my eBay listings and every time I revise something and then make my corrections, the editor has a mind of it's own. Example: I see "antiues" is misspelled, so I delete the wrong spelling and type in the correction, only to see the editor make my Q be LIGHT BLUE color, size 10, and some different font. I hate this! The ONLY fix I've found is to go to the beginning of the word (like after the "a") and then type it out, and then delete the old word. It's hard to explain but this is just about the screwiest editor I've seen yet. It takes me about 6-10 times as long to change one word that should take a second.

I only use Firefox (like I always have), Win 7, and this happens from both my PC and laptop, so I know it's not me. It never happened until 2 weeks ago.

Why is this happening? Any ideas? It's got to be something in the code, where eBay's and Auctiva's editors are conflicting. Thank you.

I keep thinking "I'm sure Auctiva has been made aware of it, so I'm not going to report it - I'll just wait for the fix", but apparently it's not getting fixed.
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Hi womandi,

I cannot be certain why you may have started to encounter this behavior recently, but I am inclined to agree that it is most likely due to a conflict between the original formatting code used for the descriptions of the item(s) and the new formatting code that is being introduced when making the changes you described through the editor on the eBay Revise your Item form.

We did not make any changes to our description editor around when you began encountering this issue, but the one thing that comes to mind which could have led to a change in the formatting code produced when creating your listings through Auctiva is if you just enabled our new description editor (called the Design Editor 2.0) from your Account Preferences.

I do not anticipate this is a result of something we will be able to *fix*, but we will be happy to look into the situation further for you if you file a support case and provide us with the details of one or two specific listings for which you encountered this problem.

I attempted to reproduce this issue using a test listing posted through Auctiva using bold description text set to size 16 Arial, but I did not encounter anything like what you described when I deleted a word within the text and typed a new word in its place through the eBay Revise your Item form.

It also may be a good idea to contact eBay's Customer Support team to see if they are aware of any technical issues with the description editor on the Revise your Item form which may explain the behavior you are encountering.


I am not sure what may be causing the errors you reported receiving when attempting to edit 50 listings at a time, but I suspect our system may be timing our when attempting to process your request. I see that you filed a support case about this issue earlier today and we will follow up with you about the issue through that case.

Assuming you are still encountering this issue, you may want to try reducing the number of listings you are attempting to edit in each batch and see if you can complete the revisions you wish to make to the BIN prices in your listings that way.


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