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I have been unable to access the site for about 9 hours. I realise it was maintenance night, but usually you get the maintenance message, not "page cannot be displayed.".
We list on, but are in India so juggling times is critical. I prepared ads last night and intended to post before the maintenance period, but have been unable to get in. I'm assuming the maintenance is now finished.
I need to know if there is a problem, as I will then have to do some Store relists direct through ebay, although I had intended to take advantage of the half price listing offer.
Is it just us, or is there indeed a problem?
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Have cleared everything and still can't get in. We have 2 computers here, can't get in on either.
Also, when I bring up our ads, the gallery isn't loading - checked a few others who list thru Auctiva and can't see their Gallery either.
So there's definitely a problem somewhere??
Have relisted some Store stuff directly on ebay, but will give it away for now - too frustrating. It's 7pm here in Delhi, 12.30am in Sydney, so we've lost the chance to list auctions in Australia today anyway.(Last time we lost auctiva, I listed directly using the "sell similar" option on ebay, but this time we're having a Sale while the listing fees are down and the templates for this are on auctiva, so not possible.)
I suppose it's possible that Auctiva have different servers for different geographic locations (I don't know the infrastructure layout of course), which I guess might explain why I can get in but you can't - STOP_N_BUY, where are you located?

I would suggest your best bet now is to log a support request (go to Help up at the top), the Auctiva support folk are superb, and I am sure they will be able to help you out.
Thanks for the advice - maybe I'm missing something, but I don't seem to be able to bring up any screen which gives me the option to log a support request. The Help option just brings up stuff about the boards.
This is really frustrating - still can't get in or see the gallery on our or any other Auctiva listings. I've already missed one day of reduced price listing. Hopefully someone from Auctiva will pick up on the issue from these posts.
Interesting that you are both in the same part of the world, I guess Auctiva do have some sort of geographic distribution.

Cozmic, when you click Help, do you not see some orange headings down the right hand side? Other Help Resources, Optimize Your Browser and Customer Support (you might have to scroll down for that last one). Under Customer Support, you should see a 'File a Support Request' link.
When I click on Auctiva Community at the top of the page - the only link that acually takes me somewhere other than these boards.
I've just tried again, still can't get in and still can't see the scrolling gallery (just a blank space where it should be) in any auctiva ebay listings.
Appreciate your trying to help - hopefully someone from Auctiva will take a look if they read this post.

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