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Hi, all. I am new to Auctiva but not the web or eBay.
I find virtually everything I try to do with my account is incredibly slow. Examples - If I click on XXX it takes YYY seconds for the page to fully paint -
  • YARDSTICK - fully paints in 4 seconds
  • Listings tab - 14 seconds
  • Create new listing from my 1 profile - 27 seconds
  • Return - 1 second (seemed "normal" to me)
  • Create similar listin from my almost-empty 1 entry - 30 seconds
  • (note: I've seen the slow pages be as fast as 20 seconds and as slow as over 40 seconds)

This seems vastly too slow to me -
  • Am I missing something?
  • Am I expecting too much?
  • To you users, do you tolerate delays like this?

This is my first (and possibly only) posting - I am so discouraged that I don't plan on using the service. But I simply can't believe that everyone using Auctiva would tolerate this problem so I ask on the chance that there is some solution.
Thank you.
Original Post
We've found the problem with our Cisco firewall that was causing this issue. We've made a work around for now and will install permanent fix soon.

This should alleviate the intermittent, but extremely slow periords that started Saturday afternoon.

The overall slowness during peak periods will continue until we're able to optimize some of our programming and do some software updates which should taken another 10 days or so.
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