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Here is the Auctionbytes article:
eBay is introducing a host of changes it hopes will improve the site in time for the holiday shopping season. Most significantly, eBay will change its Buy It Now (BIN) fixed-price format, making it more like eBay Store-inventory, but with exposure in the main core search results. It will also make changes to Finding (search), Shipping and Seller Standards. And in a move that was expected by many, it will change to an electronic checkout system, banning checks and money orders.

Like its eBay Store cousin, the BIN fixed-price format will be expanded to a 30-day duration. eBay will change Final Value Fees (FVFs) on a category-by-category basis, making them more in line with the current 12 percent FVF for Store inventory listings (but significantly higher than the current FVFs of the BIN Fixed-Price format). Two categories - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, and Parts & Accessories - appear to be the hardest hit in terms of higher FVFs.

Unlike Store inventory format, which has very limited exposure in core, BIN fixed-price listings will remain in "core," meaning the listings will continue show up on eBay's main search results.

The insertion fee for BIN fixed-price listings will be a flat rate of 35 cents. The new fee is generally lower than the current 7-day fee for the same format, which ranged from 25 cents to $4, and is higher than Store fees. (There is special pricing in the media category, see other story in Sellers may now also list multiple quantities of the same item for a single 35-cent listing fee; previously, multiple quantities resulted in higher listing fees.

eBay will make no changes to the fee structure for auctions and Store inventory format. Sellers may continue to list auction format listings with an optional BIN price for the same fee structure as exists today.

eBay's new BIN fixed-price format changes take effect September 16, 2008.

Dinesh Lathi of eBay's Selling Team said, "As a company, we're moving to success-based pricing, we are increasingly aligning our outcomes and our incentives with those of our sellers."

For items that sell for $25 or less, the FVFs decrease for items listed in the Computers & Networking; Cameras & Photos; and Electronics and Video Game Systems categories. However, once the pricing goes up to a certain level above $25, the FVFs actually increase in these categories due to higher percentage fees in the next tranche, and due to a restructuring of the tranches.

In all other categories, the FVFs are significantly higher across each tranche, making for higher commission fees in the BIN Fixed Price format, with FVFs in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories and Parts & Accessories categories are the highest of all.

eBay will also make changes to Finding (search), Shipping and Seller Standards. And in a move that was expected by many, it will change to an electronic checkout system, banning checks and money orders. See today's other news stories in for details.
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I just left ebay 2 days ago for good. I'll never buy, sell or refer anyone there ever again. I went there to find my ratings had been corrected to 100% positive as they should have been all along. Tryed to list an ipod touch for sale only to find I can't sell on dysfunctionaBay because my dsr isn't perfect! That was it for me! Too many changes and flip flopping to keep up with. The big boxes can have it!
I hope they continue along the same path and fail. I'm not bitter, just fed up!
OMG I just have to laugh at the title of this thread. Too funny! Methinks someone needs to look up the definition of socialism.

eBay is a prime example of what happens when freedom to do anything you want in this country goes WAY too far. When a company is allowed by the government to drive thousands upon thousands of small businesses into the ground overnight that isn't socialism that elitist capitalism at it's height. eBay's freedom to make two sets of rules... one for the rich big businesses & one for the little guys... that's good old American capitalism right there. What? You guys don't like eBay having such vast freedom to interpret it's rules any way it wants & change everything overnight & damage your business?

You guys need to make up your minds.

eBay is not regulated or restrained from grinding everyone's business into the ground because of the public outcry that it's anti-American & socialist to regulate them & force them to be fair to everyone. But the moment eBay's freedom includes the freedom to squash your business... oh well... that changes everything! Once conservatives are victims my how their entire viewpoints change.
LOL, Chelsea Craft, you sound just like our current mainstream media....full of hate for this country and its free-enterprise system. Nobody wants to run anyone's business into the ground EXCEPT socialists. Because the socialist wants nothing but power for themselves. Take at look at our current administration....he and his socialist friends in the Democrat Party are doing their best to kill banks, the mortgage industry, the private airline industry, the group meeting industry, Las Vegas and anyone they feel they don't have control over. Normal, free-run business has it's own interest at heart. When they have their own interest at heart, they try to do what's best for their business. This usually ends up being good for all. Ebay's current policies may not be the best for everyone, but they are doing what they think is best for the company. If they are mistaken, the company will fail. And, that's is as it should be. Another company will take it's place to serve the wants and needs of the old eBay community. Forcing regulations on companies doesn't help anyone except give power to the power hungry. No government program can be said to have actually worked to enrich people's lives. If people don't wake up to understand that, I fear for this wonderful country.

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