Ever since the horrid slowdown of Auctiva over the weekend, when I use Auctiva to send feedback to eBay, it "never" gets to eBay. Anyone else notice anything like this?
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Try going thru Ebay to leave it...if it doesn't work there, that means it's 'on it's way' from Auctiva (sometimes it takes a little while to update). If you are successful in leaving it thru ebay, then it's probably an Auctiva glitch...
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I guess I'm just impatient... though all previous feedbacks showed on eBay almost immediately.

Feedback stopped working for me about a week and a half ago. I put in a support ticket with Auctiva and they put my account in the queue and all feedback updated within an hour. My new feedbacks in the last few days have updated with no problems. Though I still never receive an Auctiva Confirmation email anymore like I used to a few months back.

So if you are still experiencing issues just file a support ticket with Auctiva.
I have found that sometimes the day after Thurs night maintenence there are all kinds of little (sometimes big) glitches...they usually sort themselves out after a time.

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