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I was wondering if it's easy to create a template similar to these with the layout. Thumbnail images on the side or on the bottom with enlarged picture on top or to the side. Is it possible to have the description and terms layout like that as well?

I have no idea if she did the template through Auctiva or not.

I guess those are a few examples of what I'm talking about...hope someone will be able to answer me before I start creating my header. Thanks! Smile
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Hi....sorry no one from Auctiva has responded.
While I do not create my own templates it appears that the person you posted the links too are only using Auctiva's scrolling gallery and not any of the templates or template features on this site.

You can contact that member and ask them what template site they are using or if they created their own.
I'm pretty sure they created it their own, but I want to be able to use a template like it and use it through Auctiva but not sure if it's possible. Say I created a custom template like it and used it here, not sure if the format/layout or pictures would look the same way... I'd rather use a template through Auctiva because I want to use Auctiva to the fullest but would like to have a template like my examples. Hmm...

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