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I am running out of image space again and would like to not delete photos that are active. The problem I have is that I use eBay to relist items because on numerous occasions eBay has changed categories or field values (not Auctivas fault I know) and eBay's multi lister handles these more gracefully than putting them into Scheduled as "API error" and having to click each and every one (this is Auctivas problem). I know there must be a way to rescan my active listings on eBay and find which images are no longer linked to. Heck, even if Auctiva added "List images that have not been viewed in (X) days" this would help because I could find "dead" images. Does anyone else have this problem and figured out a hack to solve their ever growing storage usage?
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Hi striker1211,

Although we do offer some tools to help users delete inactive images, such as the Image Deletion Wizard and the "Exclude images in active listings" filter on the Image Management page, as it sounds like you may already know, our system is unable to tell that an image is being used in an active listing *if* the listing was a result of a relist done directly through eBay.

We do not currently offer any functionality that can rescan your listings and recreate the associations between images and relists done directly through eBay in which they are present, so I'm afraid you will have to do your best to identify those on your own.

As Ed mentioned, we do keep images that have been marked as deleted from your Image Management page on the Deleted Images page within your account for at least 14 days so, if you were to delete an image that is being used in an active listing in error, you should be able to restore it from there.

I'm sorry there is not more we can do for you under the circumstances, but we will take your comments in this regard into consideration when planning future updates to our site. We appreciate the feedback.


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