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Hi,I am in the UK, a buyer registered in China buys a small item from my eBay store with Buy It Now.

The item sold notice from eBay gives his name as a string of characters without vowels (constanents ?) and address Hong Kong.

I go to send an invoice and the rest of the address fields are filled with question marks so there is no way I can post the item.

I ship worldwide but only include UK domestic shipping rate in my listings as it gets too involved to include all options. So the question is, is it worth sending an invoice or just see if they follow up with an invoice request.

Checking their low profile they have only been involved with 'penny book' sellers.

I have sold to Hong Kong before and not come across this before, meantime I am asking eBay support (no I do not expect a reply of value Big Grin ) about this.

Is this familiar to anyone ?
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Hi member_8880, I have had actual sales to China/Hong Kong before and the address still appears in English letters. His name and China are in English characters, the rest in '?'s

Unpronouncible eBay ID's are quite normal, addresses no.

I received 30 spam mails from Chinese businesses last night all disguised as eBay ask the seller mails. This proves that this person is a BIN bandit and making contact is pointless and probably worse than replying to a spammer and proving your e-mail ia an active one.

See the related posts on this subject and the one including the reply I got from pointless/toothless/don't give a damn eBay customer support. Mad Mad

As far as I can see the only thing to do is stop selling to Asia (my sales are rare there anyway) update all live BIN listings accordingly and ignore this 'buyer'. A one off fee loss is small compared to what could happen.

Hi art202, sorry to be a bit tetchy over this, but how can I report to PayPal as they have not and I expect will not pay, if I pressure, I may well as attack an ant colony with a toothpick naked ! Mad
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