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.99 cents worth of crazy, lol. OMG! I did it. I launched all of my items beginning at .99 cents. Silk dresses, cashmere sweaters, all of it. I've always wanted to try it. I see other sellers sell this way with great success but I've been too chicken. First, I decided that if something doesn't sell for what it should (God forbid all of it doesn't) that I would accept it and move on. Lmao, I guess I wouldn't have much choice would I? Anyhoo, I did it.

I jumped into the low end of the pool. It is a lot of fun watching bidders, bid. One gal emailed and wanted a BIN price on a wool dress. Of course, this is a "I want it before it bids up request". I considered letting ot go for $25 - $30. It's up to like, $12 with over 4 days left and a few watchers. It will be neat to see what happens. If I do okay, I might start launching at .99 cents on most items all of the time. Hey, are there any other .99 cent sellers out there? Share your experience. Thanks.
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Originally posted by Fairy Odd Mother:
SmileThat is so brave. I have tried just lowering my prices down to what I paid, but really haven't been willing to take the risk of .99cents. Let me know how you do. Maybe it will give me some courage.


I get my inventory for under $1.00 each. However they're worth more on the open market. So, I'm hoping they will meet their minimum value and maybe more. So far, as expected, the .99 cents has generated more bids, placed early, with far more watchers. Although, watchers don't mean very much. The final bid is all that matters.

I'll keep you informed.

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