that I married my wonderful husband Smile

This was taken the day after the wedding just for fun:

We have enjoyed a nice family weekend. Took a ride down to SAMS club and bought a new pool and DH spent the day putting it up between rain drops.

My parents offered to babysit while we went out but we decided to stay home and cook dinner instead. Grabbed a bottle of wine and he's off checking the boats while I check my "stuff" Wink

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Im having a great weekend because I just sold the flatware I was expecting to get around 100 for. For 203 bucks...wooohooo! thats double what I was expecting...very nice suprise. Love the pic by the way...those sepia tones are easy on the eyes and make ya feel warm dont they?..Glad ya had a great weekend, many more to you! william

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