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I haven't listed in months and now here I am. I list an auction and it won't save, the page just freezes then goes offline, losing everything I just did. I have been working since 8:00 this morning and only have gotten 5 new listings on! GEEZ!!!

[edited title: What's the problem???]
YES!! I am leaving when the deadline is here!
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I am so glad that someone else is having the same problem! I thought something was wrong with my computer or I was going nuts. I also haven't listed in a while and I have been trying for about a week. I lose everything because everything just freezes. It won't save, let me choose templates, upload pics - nothing! I actually just used ebay yesterday so I could get a few things listed, but I would rather use my existing auctiva account! FRUSTRATING!!!
HOW FRUSTRATING !! When we click on "save" it brings us back to the log-in sign-in page...WTF...Auctiva asks us to log-in again...when we do this it brings us back to the page we were at BUT ALL THE LONG & HARD WORK WE PUT IN TO THE LISTING IS GONE !! (descriptions, pictures etc.) Filed a support case and all they can tell us is a "canned message" - they have used before with others...namely Auctiva is going to reported this problem to the Engineering Dept. & there is no solution at this time...Maybe we will give it a rest (way too frustrating to do things 2-3 times on this site) and go back to listing at the eBay site...Auctiva DOES have some VERY GOOD FEATURES but why can'nt we get it to work for us ?? READY TO JUMP SHIP AT THIS TIME...

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