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The category I use the most often is 3379, which is Collectibles > Comics > Modern Age (1980-Now) > Alternative, Underground.

When I create listings the Item Specifics link is not showing for me under the category dropdown.

I know not every category is eligible but I just revised a listing at eBay for the exact same category path and had the option of adding item specifics there (which I did and they do show up in the listing).

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Do I need to turn Item Specifics on somehow?
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eBay has started to implement 'item specifics' in some catagories that are not available to 3rd party listers.

Those specifics(the ones on eBay) are sorta a test/beta version. You can only access them from eBay, change what you want or add something totally different.

Some of the nsn(not so nice) sellers are using those as kws, so don't know how long the 'test' is going to last.
Hi Rick,

The additional item specifics that show up in eBay for this category are examples of eBay's new "custom item specifics", which will not be supported by Auctiva until mid-January 2008. If you see the "Remove" option next to an item specific on eBay's "Sell your Item" or "Revise your Item" form, it is indicative that the item specific is of this new variety.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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