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FrownHi all anyone else having a problem with Item Specifics.It hasnt been working proberly for the last 24 hours so the only way I can get a listing right at the moment is to revise a listing once posted to ebay to add the specifics .its driving me insane .
I have wasted sooo much time over the past month between the Auctiva pricing dabacle ,and ebay changes .Every time I think thing have been ironed out and normality has been restored another problem pops up.Im beginning to wonder if its worth the hassil of using Auctiva maybe listing directly with ebay is the answer at least then I would only have one site to worry
Anyone else having problems,theres no point trying to contact auctiva as they havent bothered answering my last 2 queries
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Auctiva we really love you...really!

But please iron out the wrinkles first. Still today I am getting those jumping pages when clicking on certain buttons on the listing pages. Eating up time again. Most of us are more than glad to pay you for your services, but we do expect it to be working near flawless most of the time, nothing perfect we know, but please fix those jumping pages PLEASE!

*Another issue I had today was the ebay fee button, I clicked on it serveral times and nada, nothing.
(Estimate Ebay fee button glitch)


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